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Saffron Centre 

SAFFRON Centre Ltd. is a non-profit organization based in Sherwood Park, AB that works to support the healing and empowerment of those who have been affected by sexual violence. They provide counselling services to those who have suffered from sexual violence, as well as those support persons, family members, etc., of someone who has experienced sexual violence. They also provide proactive education regarding sexual violence to all individuals and work towards empowering all with the mission to end sexual violence by the next generation. 

The main focus of Survivorfest is that proceeds of our event go towards proactive education for local schools to help empower and inform our next generation. 

To learn more about Saffron Centre, visit https://www.saffroncentre.com/

Survivorfest Founder: Laura Townsend

Laura is a mother of 5, an entrepreneur, a survivor of sexual violence and an ultramarathon runner with the astounding goal of running 50 ultras before 50 years young. She is the founder of this incredible event and without her vision and energy Survivorfest would not have been born!

Laura is a pillar of the running community, loves supporting local and volunteers at multiple events while raising her family and running a business. She is well on her way of achieving 50 ultras and has begun doing interviews to raise more awareness about the importance of places like Saffron Centre and the work they do. To learn more about her inspiring story, this event and Saffron Centre, check out some of the interviews and podcasts she has done by clicking on the links below.

Interviews & Podcasts

Click on the titles below to listen to some inspiring podcasts!

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with Ryan Jespersen

Laura talks about reaching
50 ultras before 50!


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Canadian Running Magazine's interview on Laura's story, Survivorfest, and running 50 ultras before 50. 

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