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Racer/Participant Information

Where should I stay?

We have found a great place in Sherwood Park only 3.5km away from the track: 

Park Centre Hotel, 2016 Sherwood Drive

Please call them directly 780-467-1234 to get our racer discount. 


How will the races be timed?

We will be utilizing GoChip technology provided by Zone4 Timing Systems. We did our research because we wanted a reliable, accurate, weatherproof, and lightweight  


Zone 4 believes "Every second counts. Honor the work. Capture it." They have built "solutions accurate to 1/1000th of the second. We understand, and honour, the blood, sweat, and tears that go into shaving minutes, seconds, and fractions of a second off your time. We capture the work, so you (athletes) can celebrate it" 

When do the races start?

24 Hour event start @ 9 am (MDT) on Saturday.

The 6 Hour events have 3 different start times:

 Saturday @ 10 am (MDT)
Saturday at 6 pm (MDT)
and Sunday @ 2 am (MDT)

Can you participate as a team or is this strictly solo?

New for 2021! We are adding a team event for our virtual race ONLY. Teams of 2-3 can compete on a track in their own community for our 6 hour event! More details will become available soon!

Are we allowed to set up a shelter and/or tent along the side of the track or can we only use designated areas?

There are designated areas for runners and their crew on the east side of the track. Please refer to the map (sent in the update emails and at the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately due to irrigation systems' high-quality surfaces, there can be nothing put below the surface. So no pegs or spikes are allowed. We are allowed to have 10x10 tents with proper tent weights.

E.g no concrete blocks or milk jugs filled with sand

*Please note these guidelines may change with 2021 circumstances and Covid-19 restrictions.

I can't wear headphones for
24 hours!  How will I stay pumped?

You can wear headphones if you want but we ask that you wear only one earbud or if you're able, wear bone conducting headphones. If it is deemed that wearing headphones is making you unaware or disruptive to other runners, we may ask you to remove them.       
That being said, your own music might get drowned out by the 18 hours of DJ music!!

We have SOUNDfonix confirmed to provide 18 hours of non stop music on Saturday and Sunday. We’re reaching out to more DJs to keep the tunes going so runners and spectators in our cheer zone will be partying hard!

Unfortunately due to noise bylaws, we’ll have no music between 11 pm - 7 am  but we are hoping to have some other forms of entertainment!

Is that a fox for your mascot? Or a furry?

Our mascot is a wolf called Timber. It was created by our race director's 17 year old daughter, Gwen, who loves drawing and wolves. It "ties in" with the Survivor print done for me by Earthgroove Activewear. 10% from the Survivor print is donated to Saffron Centre & will be for sale at Survivorfest to order or purchase

Is there free wifi?

Technically yes but unfortunately it is not very reliable.

Will there be a live stream of the timing?

Will there be food?

Yes! We will have lots of food available for our racers. Our organizing committee is knowledgeable with the experience of +100 races but we are still open to suggestions. We also have a few food sponsors who want to show their appreciation and may surprise our racers with their specialities.

Food Items: to be updated in 2021 pending AHS guidelines and Covid-19 restrictions.

I have dietary restrictions, will there still be something for me?

Yes. We want all our racers to feel included which is why we will be offering a variety of options for our friends with dietary needs. More info to be released in 2021.

What if I get hurt?

We hope this will be an injury free event but in the case someone does get hurt, there will be a first aid station staffed by certified first aid responders. 

Do I need to wear a headlamp during the night portion?

We will have some lighting around the track during the evening so you won't require it 

What kind of surface will we be running on?

Soft, gentle, and flat!

Will there be a place to charge my cell phone?

It's probably best to bring a personal charger. There are lots of power outlets but no guarantee we won't be using them for stoves, heaters and all other things to make the race run smoothly

Will there be a belt buckle if I run 100 miles?

Yes! To celebrate this achievement, runners who reach 100 miles during the event will receive their own belt buckle with your exact mileage engraved on the buckle!

As a runner, do I have to get pledges or fundraise?

No. We do have prizes for each division - 6 hour and 24 hour. If you receive the most donations/pledges in your division, you receive your race entry FREE!!! 
2019's winners were Josh Bridger, Cara Quist, and Roslyn Bergen...congratulations and thanks for your support!


We have tried to keep our registration prices competitive with local races but we want all profits from the race to go to Saffron Centre, our local sexual assault centre.

Yes. A link from Zone4 will be posted on our website.

Can I have "The Final Countdown" by Europe played at 8:55/8:56am on June 12th?

Yes! Keep the requests coming!

How can I prepare for Survivorfest?

In the youtube video by a local Albertan Runner, Del' s Jogs with Dogs, she shares the top tips to keep you comfortable and pumped during our race!

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