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Survivorfest Running Event Track Etiquette/Rules 2022

All athletes, crew, and volunteers must adhere to required public health measures as noted by Survivorfest Running Event and Alberta Health Services. 

Course direction changes will occur every 4 hours for the 24 Hour event and every 3 hours for the 6 Hour event in Loop A and B guided by Survivorfest volunteers. At 1300, 1700, 2100, 0100, and 0500 Hours athletes will be guided by Survivorfest volunteers for the course change.

All athletes must continuously wear the timing chips as directed in the Survivorfest race briefing.

24 hour/ 6 hour Loop A:  Adapted from Desert Solstice Running Invitational as a premier 24-hour event

There are many athletes at Survivorfest Running Event aiming for personal bests and/or National records; all athletes who have chosen Loop A are considered equal in terms of their eligibility to pursue those goals. ALL athletes must obey the following rules; anyone not following these rules will be reminded directly during the event.  Anyone blatantly disregarding them to the detriment of other athletes will be disqualified at the discretion of the Race Director or designate - we REALLY do not want to do this and trust our athletes.

  1. ALWAYS hug the inside lane if you are traveling at a reasonable pace relative to other athletes.  Never try to predict another athlete coming from behind and/or make room for them on the inside because they are going faster than you.  

  2. Leave room for other athletes to pass in the outside of lane 1, not all the way in lane 2 if possible.

  3. Athletes passing from behind must move to the outside lane to pass.

  4. If multiple athletes are passing at the same time at different speeds, consider moving to lane 2.

  5. If you are taking an extended walk break or have slowed enough to disrupt the flow of the rest of the event, please use the outside of lane 2 or inside of lane 3.

  6. If you are getting aid or using the restroom and need to get to the outside of lane 3, always check that you will not cut off another athlete by doing so. There will be Loop B athletes on the outside lanes completing 1 lap then proceeding out of the Strathcona Athletic Park for the remainder of each of their mile loop. Crew must stay off of track lanes when providing aid to athletes; volunteers should take care when crossing the track to not disrupt athlete’s progress.

  7. Athletes who are using short walk breaks as a strategy for hitting their goals are permitted to do so without moving to the outside of lane 2 or 3. Those athletes who are attempting National records, and still on pace to do so, using strategic walk breaks to get there, may remain in the inside of lane 1. This rule is meant to impact athletes who have slowed to the point of missing their stated goals and/or records and are taking extended walk breaks and thus disrupting the flow of other lanes 1 athletes.

24 Hour/6 Hour Loop B

Those athletes at Survivorfest Running Event who have chosen the Loop B course will follow a variation of the rules as noted above with the following accommodations:

  1. The 1-mile loop, having been measured at the most inner portion of the course, follows similar etiquette parameters noted in Loop A. ALWAYS hug the inside portion of the course if you are traveling at a reasonable pace relative to other athletes.  Never try to predict another athlete coming from behind and/or make room for them on the inside because they are going faster than you.  

  2. Leave room for other athletes to pass on the outside of the non-track loop area even though there are no dedicated lanes.

  3. Loop B athletes will enter the Strathcona Athletic Park track from a designated entrance to complete their one lap per loop on the outside 3 lanes; the inside 3 lanes are reserved for Loop A athletes. Athletes will leave the track at the designated spot to proceed to the trail portion of the course and the remainder of the 1 mile loop. 

  4. Loop B athletes must not course cut or deviate from the course route; there will be course marshals staffed throughout the event to ensure athletes’ confidence and safety throughout the duration of the event including night-time. 

  5. There will be timing mats located along this route outside of the track area to ensure all athletes complete the loop.

  6. Much of the Loop B course is shared with the general public, although pedestrian traffic is anticipated to be light. Please exercise courtesy and share the pathways; volunteers will endeavour to alert passer-bys that an event is occurring. Inappropriate conduct to the general public on public pathways will not be tolerated.

Laps will be recorded by electronic chip timing via Zone 4 and will be submitted to the Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners (ACU) and International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) for verification and certification. You may leave the track at any point in time during the race, but you must return to the same place before continuing. You may not leave and return directly by the timing equipment, to avoid double counting a lap. Your number of laps, distance, and race will be shown on an electronic display near the start. 

Concerns related to the distance and or miscounting of laps must be made in writing by the athlete or their crew as soon as possible, to the floating Survivorfest Volunteer. The Survivorfest volunteer will bring  the concerns forward to the Timing Official for resolution by the Race Director or designate—  the decision is final.



Results will show the furthest distance reached via timed checkpoint. (i.e. last timing loop crossed)

Distance from start-line to timing loop and for turnarounds will be added to official results.

24 hour - 5 turnarounds, 6 hour - 1 turnaround.

Awards will be given in Male and Female and now Non-Binary categories for the 24 Hour and 6 Hour Championship events. Loop B athletes are eligible for awards in their pool as well. All finishers of 100 miles or more will receive a belt buckle in addition to their medals. Relay teams will receive a separate award.

Weather/Daylight Hours
Important – Weather in Sherwood Park, AB is variable and can range significantly from daytime to the evening. Athletes and their crew should be prepared for temperatures from 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius or more; rain and even hail may occur.

Sunrise is approximately 0500 hrs and sunset approximately 2200 hrs; there will be lights around the track at dark as well as off site lighting for loop B participants away from the track. Loop B athletes, running through the night, can choose to wear a functioning head or handheld lamp.

Crew Accommodations
Loop A: Designated athlete crewing area is inside the track where athletes may set up tents, tables and other items using weights only to secure them to the ground; no trailers or tent pegs may be set up in the track area as per Strathcona County regulations. There is a designated Crew parking lot outside the track area for crew to set up small trailers/vans, etc. Spacing of the support area will be made by Survivorfest volunteers in consideration of COVID-19 and crew is requested to be mindful of individuals comfort levels in pandemic precautions.

Loop B: There is in immediate proximity to the track, an open fenced arena with cement pad flooring; this area is dedicated to Loop B crew or athletes to set up their support area and tents. No pegs or trailers are permitted in that area; there is a designated Crew parking lot outside the track area for crew to set up small trailers/vans etc. Exercise caution when entering or leaving that area to not impede any Loop B athletes who will be crossing in front of the entrance to the arena each mile loop.

Aid Stations
With COVID-19 still a health consideration, we will have a moderately stocked aid station throughout the event with water, electrolyte drinks, and basic food including hot vegetable broth, quick sugary/salty packaged snacks etc. Volunteers will wear masks covering their mouth and nose at all times when interacting with athletes and  crew. Volunteers can assist athletes in every reasonable way and may assist crew/athletes in placing orders for food delivery from local area restaurants—if desired. Athletes should be prepared to support the bulk of their nutritional needs, considering food allergies and intolerances; a more complete list of aid station offerings will be released closer to the event.

Race Course/ Music/ Spectators
The race route is an IAU Bronze certified 400 meter all-weather track located at Strathcona Athletic Park (SAP) in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The direction of travel will change every 4 hours in the 24 hour event and every 3 hours in the 6 hour event. Indoor restrooms at the track will be available for athletes, volunteers and crew. 

First Aid

There is an indoor heated First Aid area with provision of basic first aid by students and graduates of a local Emergency Services Academy volunteering their services in accordance with the athlete waiver. Off-site paramedical emergency medical services (9-1-1) and/or hospital care, is readily available in Sherwood Park if required; this off-site assistance would disqualify an athlete from the event.

Music: There will be live DJ services broadcast  (music requests welcome) at the SAP track running from 0800 hrs to 2200 hrs as per Strathcona County By-Laws. The track area has a distant perimeter of residential housing past a field and community consideration for both noise and lights is requested. Athletes, crew, or spectators may be required by Survivorfest volunteers or the race board to accommodate those concerns. 


There is bleacher seating at the track open for family and friends to cheer on the athletes; the entrance and parking is separate from the crew/athlete track entrances and will be clearly marked on race day. No spectators may enter the race track or inside the track area. There will be parking available for fans, family and friends at Bev Facey High School (99 Colwill Boulevard, Sherwood Park) with directional signage on race day.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the experience with your fellow racers and the Survivorfest team! If you have any concerns, questions, and/or require additional information; please contact us via email at

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