meet The team

Race Director:

Laura Townsend

Laura fills many roles but her favourite by far is mom to 5 kids. A few years ago she made the choice to run 50 ultras by the time she is 50 with the goal of raising funds for Strathcona County's sexual assault centre, an organization very important to her and many others in the community. She is looking forward to completing her 35th ultra at Blackfoot Ultra 50 km in 2021 and although she may not be the fastest, she gets better and better each time and always makes friends along the way!  Without Laura, this event would have never come to light and the team couldn't be happier to work with such an amazing and driven woman!

Favourite beer...Electric Unicorn


Charissa Scott

Charissa helped out as a volunteer in 2019 and loved Survivorfest so much, she wanted to come back in a bigger capacity. She is another BUSY mom with 3 kids, works with women experiencing domestic violence AND is working on her Sociology degree. We love that she's found some extra time to make sure that every cent goes to Saffron Centre!! Charissa is another hugger so if Laura isn't around, she's the next best one to hug!!! She may not be a marathoner but she's definitely a cheerleader!

Favourite thing to dark chocolate, just in case anyone would like to bring some.

Volunteer Coordinators:

Jessica Kinsella & Erica Kam

These are your Volunteer Coordinators - Erica Kam and Jessica Kinsella - whose objective is to give the very best experience to the army of volunteers that it takes to put on a successful 24 hour event! The safety, physical, nutritional, and spiritual well-being of the athletes competing here at SurvivorFest depends on the commitment and energy of our volunteers and this duo will ensure you as volunteers know when, what and where to be... you supply the why!

Jessica has lead several events as both Race Director and Volunteer Coordinator bringing a wealth of experience to this position. She is proud wife to Jay Kinsella; supporting and crewing his events ranging from 50k's to 200 miles all over the globe. An avid animal lover , she enjoys the outdoors and finished her 3rd ultra in Fall 2020.

Erica has been both a runner at long ultra distance events (over 25 to date) and volunteers/crews for various members of the community and races. She understands the important role volunteers play for the racer and how creating a positive environment for the volunteer is paramount to that. Giving back and fostering community is what draws her to Survivorfest!

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