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Survivorfest is a community celebration on an international scale! Each year athletes from around the world come together in Strathcona County to test their endurance and grit during our 6h, 12h, and 24-hour running event!


Over the course of 24 hours, athletes will loop the running track in an effort to set records, qualify for their national 24-hour running teams, or to simply have a great time in an effort to support an amazing cause! (That’s right – some of our athletes will be running continuously for 24 hours!)


During our event, families, friends, spectators, andparticipants are encouraged to cheer on our athletes, enjoy on-site food trucks, live entertainment, art displays, and more!


The Survivorfest mission is two-fold.


Our event is held in support of athletes of all levels as they push their boundaries, inspire others, and rise above adversary in a celebration of strength, sacrifice, and survival!


This event also supports Saffron Centre which is a
non-profit organization based in Sherwood Park, AB, that supports the healing and empowerment of those affected by sexual violence.


Saffron Centre also provides proactive educational programs and workshops for youth, adults, and professionals in an effort to end sexual violence by
the next generation.


100% of all proceeds raised go towards educational programs in Sherwood Park schools.

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