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We will be offering 4 options:


1.  2024 IAU Bronze Label for 6 Hour, 12 Hour and 24 Hour solo events on the 400m track (4 inside lanes will be dedicated to athletes competing for a spot on National 24 hour teams and/or breaking records)

We monitor our numbers in the 6H, 12H & 24H as we have implemented 50 athletes maximum for 400m track (Loop A)

2. 2024 IAU Bronze Road Label 1.69 km (1 mile) loop consisting of 1 lap (3 outside lanes) of the track then some gravel and pavement with minimal elevation gain. This course will be used by soloists and relay teams.

3. 6 Hour, 12 Hour & 24 Hour Relay Team - Teams up to 3 athletes for the 6 Hour and 12 Hour event and up to
6 athletes for the 24 Hour event.

4. Virtual - As a soloist or a team, bring Survivorfest Running Event to your community's 400 m track or make your own special loop to raise awareness and funds for your local sexual assault centre. 

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