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Each year, about a month before race day, the Survivorfest team hosts a series of live Athlete Seminars for our athletes. The seminars are lead by seasoned athletes and focus on a range of topics from preparing for endurance events, nutrition and race-day strategy, pacing, and many more! 

We invite all members of our community to take part in our seminars, meet their fellow athletes, and immerse themselves in everything Survivorfest! 


If you happen to miss one, you will be able to view each seminar on our Facebook page, or by clicking the links below.

See below for upcoming live seminars! 

2023 Athlete Seminars

May 10 

Training for Endurance Events - Power Moves 

Guest - Paul Hill (Evolution Hill)

May 17

Race Preparation - Gear, Nutrition, and Race-Day Strategy 

Guest - Brenda Dryer  (Skyline Run Coaching)

May 24

24 Hr Event Pacing and Racing 

Guest - Dean Johnson ()

*Each seminar is held from 6:30 - 7:15 pm (GMT)


2022 Peak Run Performance provided words of wisdom from coaches Jacob Puzey, Carla Rodriguez Dimitrescu and Manu Vilaseca

2021 Inspiring Stories from 

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